Outside Beauty

What’s Your Face Worth

So here’s the question. if you’re lucky enough to have fine English Oak furniture, or a Steinway grand piano or even custom made kitchen cabinets, chances are you use the best polish and finest cloth to care for them. Or your glasses; at $3-500 a pair today,  special nano-fiber cloth is available to take care of them. So if that’s true, what’s your face worth? How about $922.00… or $2100 if you want the 60th Anniversary set. That’s right; that’s the price of beauty if you want only the finest make up brushes in the world from Chickuhodo.

In a small two-story workshop in the Japanese prefecture of Hiroshima, the master brush maker Tesshu Takemori leads a team of artisans in making some of the highest-quality makeup brushes in the world with almost everything being crafted by hand. And for that price, the Master crafts them himself. But if you’re not quite at that level, you can still have his artisans whip you up a set for about half that. At $522, they still have the Master’s Seal of Approval.

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