Multi-year Texan Beauty Winner Joins Studio Direct

The simple words “Pleajanetsed” and “Proud” don’t even begin to  express our feelings in announcing the addition of Ms. Janet Blum-Randolph to the Studio Direct family. Well-established in the entertainment industry via her long and storied success in talent and beauty pageant competition, Janet stands out as a truly flawless diamond among other, still-beautiful gems.

Inarguably stunning in her physical characteristics, Janet comes to Studio Direct also possessed of an enviable educational and professional resume comprised of a

  • B.S. in Physical Therapy
  •  President, Freshman Honor Society, Alpha Lambda Delta
  •  Member, English Honor Society, Omega Rho Alpha
  •  Member, Top 20% Nations Graduates, Gamma Beta Phi
  • Member, National Dean’s List, 1985-1986
  •  4-year member, TWU Deans List

composing a 24-year long career creating and coordinating physical therapy programs for those in sports medicine, in-patient and home healthcare, wound care and other assistive settings.

As for family, Janet is today a Texas mother raising Quentin 21, Jacob 18, Drake 16 and Isabella 15; a rewarding experience she chose in place of her runway career to which she returned “after the heavy-lifting was done at home” in 2011 only to pick up right where she left off winning

  • Mrs. United States and Fitness Winner, 2013
  • Mrs. Texas United States and Fitness Winner, 2013
  • Mrs. Texas  America Second Runner up and Interview Winner, 2012
  • Ms. Texas United States 2011
  • Third Runner Up and Photogenic Winner, Ms. United States 2011

and before that she held the titles of

  • Second Runner Up Mrs. Texas America, 2005
  • First Runner up Mrs. Texas America and Swimsuit Winner, 2001
  • Third Runner up Miss SE Texas USA and swimsuit finalist 1991

Wholly understanding that an outward appearance is due not only to a cosmetic cover but to also meeting the nutritional and physical  needs of the body within, she and the contestants who have trusted her advice for many years have used Studio Direct Cosmetics to conceal whatever physical blemishes remain and highlight their natural appearance.

With an evidenced and proven commitment to helping others, Janet came to Studio Direct not seeking employment but as a proven professional business woman and multiple-winner in an extremely wide and competitive environment. A long-standing member of a truly unique club in competitive arenas (competitors who also help fellow competitors bring out the best in themselves) she was asking if there was some way to conjoin her professional experience and success with our proven product, which she was already using on herself and other contestants, to help this new generation of Miss and Mrs state and national beauty contestants be all that they can be. And, given the individual accomplishments of both, Studio Direct is elated to have such a talented and accomplished young lady join our woman-owned and operated health and beauty company. We invite you wholeheartedly to learn more about her on her own website, we thank her for her long-standing confidence in our product, we congratulate her on her personal, professional and educational triumphs and we enthusiastically welcome her with open arms into the Studio Direct family.

It is our hope, that as the Studio Direct line grows well-beyond the bounds of the entertainment industry via our new Studio Direct website 2.0, you’ll avail yourselves of the wealth of information we plan to publish, all authored by well-experienced and educated professionals like Janet, designed to explain the differences in and benefits of today’s available cosmetics such that you can make an intelligent and informed decision when it comes to enhancing your own appearance.

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