Studio Direct 2.0

More than 13 years ago, Studio Direct left the safety and security of the exclusive provisioning of cosmetics to the studio industry and opened our doors to the public by adding a new website to our business. Then, just three short years ago, we added a blog and, despite not really knowing what we were doing in the internet space, we’ve seen our internet customer number rise to more than 15,000 during that time. Is it because we place such a high premium on customer service or is it because there REALLY IS A MARKEDĀ  DIFFERENCE between the mass-produced and marketed products that line the store shelves today and our formulations that the entertainment industry has preferred for more than a decade? We really don’t know but we rather think it’s a combination of both. What we do know though is that over the past 13-years, while our way of doing business…always putting the customer first… and product quality have remainedĀ  unchanged, the Internet has not.

Now, if it was just that the look and feel of today’s websites are light years ahead of ours, that’d probably be OK; we’ve never placed a premium on merely “looking the part”. But the fact of the matter is that today’s websites provide customers with a degree of speed, accuracy and convenience that our aging, HTML-based site just can’t match and that’s NOT OK WITH US.

For almost a decade and a half, while leading the entertainment industry in product purchase and use, Studio Direct has gone head-to-head with the multi-million dollar cosmetic companies that own the public space and have truly held our own. More than 15,000 people have found and continue to find the products and service they love right here at Studio Direct. And while in comparison to MAC, NYX and the other marketing machines in the public space whose retail numbers are in the many-millions, the 15,000 personal “friends” we’ve come to have is a number we can always live with. And we owe it to them, as well as the coming generation who know and can feel and appreciate the difference between mass-produced cosmetics and Studio Directs custom formulations, to provide them with the level of speed and accuracy made possible only by today’s advanced internet technology.

Studio Direct Cosmetics is truly fortunate to service the very same entertainment industry whose technologists have created the science behind today’s modern websites and, thanks to 3 of the industries most experienced CGI and graphic effects professionals, Ron Yates, Casey Spillman and Carol Ettinger, Studio Direct’s virtual presence is well on its way to providing our customers with a level of computerized service that matches that of our personal commitment.

Studio Direct has always distinguished itself by producing only the finest of cosmetic products and enabling their shipping on either the same day upon which the customer orders them or, for orders places after 3pm PST, next-day shipping. And, working 363-days a year (except for Christmas and Chanukah), we continue to lead the industry in this fee-free service. Now, by enabling Studio Direct 2.0 in our on-line presence, we look forward to providing you with the same high level of speed, accuracy and convenience in your online shopping experience.